Exterior carbonfiber body parts

Exterior conversion for Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The ambitious aims have been reached on the one hand by applying the IMSA G-class basic body kit, which means the exchange of some serial parts plus adding other parts against parts in ultra light carbon with high strength. In the whole, this body kit contains 16 parts, such as applied to the original front bumper left and right air inlets, both side front lips, clear cut wing enlargements, plated footboards, the new rear bumper and a new trim set. In the middle beyond the bumpers an indispensable underride guard made of chromed stainless steel in front and rear are completing the G-AMG „off-road“ attributes. The IMSA exhaust end bezels set the final highlight – in a stylish and extravagant way.
All that was ennobled with precision according to our philosophy and not „G-type“ pimped.

Because we nothing concedes to random, the following parts are in addition optionally available in sight-carbon: the complete front grill, straps for front and rear bumper, likewise mirror coverings, air inlets in front, A-pillar with front roof edge, C-pillar air outlets and, finally, the complete bonnet set, another sportive accents underlining the image of pure luxury.

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